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Scarcroft Golf Club

New Viking Flexible Membership

                          On April 1st 2021 Scarcroft Golf Club launched our brand-new Viking membership category.                      This is a flexible points based membership for those taking their first steps into golf club membership or who can only play at certain times.

The Perfect Package For You

It has been designed to offer membership of the Club to those golfers who feel that they would not get value for money from full membership, and who only wish to play a limited number of rounds per annum, but who still want to enjoy the golfing and social benefits and “camaraderie” that comes with Club membership.

If you are one of those “independent” golfers, then this is the perfect package for you. It provides you with a home club, and therefore safeguards your ability to maintain your handicap, whilst allowing you to retain a flexible approach to your golf.


Viking Matrix and availability Aug 2021

Starting 1st April

Since the full launch of the Viking membership will not take place until April 1st 2021, we are offering the following for anybody who joins and pays the subscription before April 1st 2021:

  • A subscription for the period April 1st to December 31st of £500, for which you will receive 75 points
  • Access to play the course for social golf from January 1st to March 31st twice a week, including weekends, for the Winter member’s guest rate of £15 per round.
  • During this period, the time restrictions noted above, and illustrated in the points matrix will apply.

Membership Application Form

  • The main elements of Viking membership
    • It is a points-based system.
    • A full year’s subscription is £650, for which you will receive 100 points
    • Rounds of golf can be booked through our on-line process
    • Points will be deducted when you book in accordance with a Points Matrix (see below), and the number of points will depend upon when you want to play. You will be able to play 20-25 rounds per annum.
    • You will be able to play on any day of the week, subject to certain restrictions: 1. Specific times of day are reserved for full members, and you will not be able to play at these times. They are shown on the points matrix. 2. Whilst you will be able to play in competitions and “qualifiers” for handicap purposes, there are certain competitions in which you will not be able to play. See the Playing Eligibility Table. More detailed information regarding playing eligibility is available on request.
    • You will be able to enjoy all of the social activities within the club
    • You will be provided with a Member’s Card, giving you discounted prices in the bar
    • You will be able to bring guests to play the course, in line with Club rules governing this
    • If you use all your points, and wish to continue playing, you may purchase another 100 points at any time.
    • We are restricting the number of Viking members to 65, so opportunities to take advantage of this great membership offer will be limited