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Scarcroft Golf Club

Dress Code

Members, visitors and guests are required to comply with the Club’s dress regulations.

a) Changing in the car park is not permitted at any time.

b) At all times on Club premises clothing should be reasonably smart and appropriate to the occasion, except there is no dress requirement in the car park or pro-shop. Clothing must not have tears or faded patches even if these have been manufactured that way to achieve a fashion look.

c) T-shirts, blue denim trousers, tracksuits, combat/cargo style shorts or trousers, trainers and beachwear are forbidden, except in the car park and the pro shop where there is no dress code. Blue denim trousers may be worn in the Clubhouse only when specifically permitted.

d) On the course, which includes the practice area and putting green, attire must be suitable for golf with:

  • i) All shirts tucked into trousers except for ladies’ shirts/tops designed and shaped to be worn outside.
  • ii) Shirts with collars and sleeves but can include those with polo necks or roll necks ‘tiger style’. Ladies shirts/tops can be sleeveless.
  • iii) Headgear worn appropriately.
  • iv) Any shorts tailored and knee length (Ladies may wear calf length trousers), and worn with socks of any length which should be predominantly white. Coloured socks of a single colour are permitted if knee high and of any colour or length if part of a co-ordinated golf outfit.
  • v) Trousers outside socks, unless worn under waterproof trousers.
  • vi) Golf shoes must be worn. Metal spiked golf shoes are not allowed in summer months. An exception may be made to the wearing of golf shoes, with the secretary/managers permission, for coaching on the practice ground.

e) In the Clubhouse, excluding the Blackburn Lounge, attire should be reasonably smart and appropriate:

  • i) Clothing should exclude golf shoes, golfing headgear, waterproofs and/or wet golf attire, except in the locker room although golf shoes may be worn in the small area in the Viking Bar adjacent to the terrace door nearest the bar.
  • ii) Deck shoes may be worn with or without socks but for men sandals and flip flops are not acceptable.
  • iii) Smart casual is acceptable at all times and can include jacket and tie, jacket without tie, a shirt and jumper or just a shirt.
  • iv) Blue denim trousers may be worn in the Clubhouse when these are specifically stated as being permissible for an event and on every Friday evening when attending the Bistro, it is also acceptable to wear blue denim when attending for Sunday lunch.
  • v) For men shirts must be tucked in at all times.

f) In the Blackburn Lounge the dress code is the same as the rest of the Clubhouse. Jacket with collar and tie is required at all formal functions including the AGM and prize presentations unless formal wear or other dress code is specified. The Men’s Captain, Ladies’ Captain, Chairman of House, Manager or Front of House Manager may relax or otherwise change the dress rules if deemed appropriate.

g) Juniors and visitors to the Club aged under 12 are not bound by these dress rules.

Download Dress Code Document