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Scarcroft Golf Club

Guidance for visitors to Scarcroft Golf club

We offer you a warm welcome to Scarcroft Golf Club, and we hope that you have a very enjoyable day at our club. In order to help you do that, we ask you please to take not of a few simple rules.

Dress Code

We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable around the club and on the course, and as a progressive club, our rules are not heavy handed. We also realise that golf fashion is moving quickly, so by “recognised golf attire” we mean anything that is now, or becomes, accepted as such by the golfing community. Our definition is – anything that can be purchased from a reputable specialist golf equipment retailer.

Around the club

  •  The only things we ask you not to wear are collarless tee shirts, and “cargo” style shorts and trousers. Tailored shorts and calf length tailored trousers are fine for both men and women.
  • For women, culotte or “skort” style shorts are fine.
  • Roll neck or turtle neck shirts are OK
  • Any recognised, genuine golf attire is fine.
  • We ask you to tuck shirts into trousers/shorts/skirts, unless they are specifically designed otherwise.
  • Any other form of casual dress is fine, providing it is smart. For example, we ask you not to wear “torn” jeans, even if they have been designed that way.
  • Golf shoes should not be worn (other than in the locker room/wash room area) in the clubhouse, except on the “spike” area of grey carpet in front of the bar, accessed from the terrace.
  • Please do not wear waterproofs in the clubhouse other than in the locker room/washroom area.
  • Please do not wear hats in the clubhouse, other than in the locker rooms/washroom area.

On the course, practice areas and putting green

  • Please only wear recognised golf attire, including golf shoes. Please note that metal spiked shoes should not be worn during the Summer months (May-September)
  • Again, roll neck or turtle neck shirts are OK, and any shirt, unless designed otherwise, should be tucked into trousers/shorts/skirts.
  • Tailored shorts, or calf length tailored trousers are fine for both men and women, and for women, culotte or “skort” style shorts are also OK.

General etiquette

 We hope that you will treat the golf course, club house and members with the respect that you would expect yourself, or at your home club. We work hard to present our course in prime condition, but we need the help of all who play it to keep it that way. Here are some pointers

  • Please repair all pitch marks and divots.
  • Please rake all bunkers
  • Please do not take trolleys between greenside bunkers and greens
  • Please keep to the paths wherever possible
  • Please use buggies with care, staying off the fairways, and keeping to the paths wherever possible. Please do not take buggies onto the aprons at the front of greens, or between bunkers and greens
  • Please be aware of other players on the course, and converse quietly so as not to disturb them.
  • Changing shoes in the car-park is fine. For anything more, in order to avoid embarrassment, please use the locker rooms!

Download Dress Code Document